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"The slide feature of the super deck is what sold us. The site that we utlized the product on was tight. Not much space and without the slide of the super decks we would have never been able to make it work. The super decks allowed us to slide our fly tables out of the building without tying up our crane for a great period of time."

Project manager | R-Four Contracting Ltd

“We don't know why these (SuperDecks) aren't compulsory on all high rise sites. The ability to safely lift in your material without having to constantly relocate the outrigger, the ease of installation, the draw like roll-in roll-out feature, and the sheer size of them giving our riggers ample room to land loads, great product”

Coastal Lifting Solutions

"Excellent. Great Support. Great Equipment." "Platform that made offloading operations efficient." "Superdecks are now on our radar for all future work." "Top notch service from Mark and the team."  

Project Manager | Integro Building Systems

Brock Commons - World’s Tallest Mass Timber Skyscraper - Vancouver BC

“I want to thank you for the service you and the Preston [Rentals] team provided for the Brock Commons TALL WOOD project.

When a construction team is presented with a project that involves “firsts” it can be very challenging to predict what will be needed to meet the execution requirements. In the case of the Brock Commons project, the world’s tallest Mass Timber building, there were restrictions with respect to existing construction fire codes that allowed only 4 levels of exposed wood before the design fire rating was in place. For Brock Commons the fire rating encapsulation consists of 3-4 layers of ½” sheetrock installed directly to the wooden structure.

... The problem we anticipated having was maintaining the 4 level un-encapsulated requirement at a rate of a floor every 3 days. We needed a way to get all of the sheetrock necessary to complete the encapsulation in order to continue with the structure...

The solution – the Superdeck® Retractable Loading Platform System. A complete system of shoring and retractable decks that facilitates stacking multiple thrust out platforms in a common location and every one of them is useable. The system is very well designed. The decks roll easily within a channel, positional lock out is by a very simple sliding bolt, a built in drop down ramp for karts and the decks are completely safe with solid metal fencing. The Superdeck® has a very high load rating that allows large single loads. And the fact that all of the decks are in the same location in relationship to the tailgate off-loading location, the operation can be completed quickly by the crane team. Mass material movement from floor to floor can also be accomplished quickly and safely.

We originally ordered 6 Superdecks just before the wooden structural phase began and quickly increased that to 9 decks when we saw that the predicted install of 2 floors a week was achievable.

By the end of the Wooden Structural phase of the project the construction team was able to install 16 floors in 9 weeks. A very satisfying result from planning and execution. The Preston Superdeck [System] was the perfect choice of equipment and played an integral part of the success of the Brock Commons Tall Wood project.”

Bill Leininger, Superintendent

Urban One Builders Construction Management Inc