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Retractable Crane Loading Platform Rental Canada

Designed to simplify the handling of materials, particularly on multi-storey construction sites, this revolutionary Preston Rentals innovation offers a ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system which has dramatically increased safety and reduced crane operation time for customers around the world.

If you are looking for simple handling of materials when dealing with multi-storey construction, then this revolutionary solution could be for you. Preston Rentals SuperDeck innovation provides a ‘drawer-like’ loading platform system. The innovation is responsible for an increased level of safety and decreased crane operation time for our customers across Canada and the world.


If you haven’t heard of it already, SuperDeck is the world’s leading loading platform system for rental. Our system features superior retractable crane loading platform capabilities, which have made SuperDeck the first choice for almost 20 years by leading companies for their construction projects around the world. It was designed to enable simpler handling of materials, particularly for multi-storey construction sites.


The SuperDeck has a ‘drawer-like’ platform loading system to allow for increased safety and short operation times for cranes. Other great features of this Preston Rentals innovation include:

Loading platforms are all fitted with fixed safety harness points, which allow loads to be vertically stacked and rolled in and out as needed.

This has resulted in the increased efficiency of material handling as well as being much safer and cost-effective for construction companies.

Crane loading platform extends from the side of a building from 4.5 to 5.25m and can be operated by a single person for safe working loads of up to 5t.

Faster installation and relocation, now approximately 15 minutes as compared to over an hour.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in every way possible, which is why Preston Rentals offers installation for our retractable loading platform rental as well as additional consultation and liaison to meet your specialty project needs.

If you are looking for retractable platform rental in Canada, then Preston Rentals has got you covered. For loading platform rental at unbeatable prices, contact us on 604 817 3325

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