Case Study



Whilst Preston Rentals Canada is still relatively new to the market, the impact our product is having on job sites across the country is building rapidly.

Our team are committed to introducing ourselves to the many construction businesses who could benefit from the Preston Rentals SuperDeck and we are taking the time to humbly and appropriately drop by work sites and have a chat to offer our services. Our team have decades of experience and a thorough knowledge of build requirements and the associated challenges many sites can present. In fact, our team are happiest when they are in the trenches and surrounded by construction noise and action!

One such chat in Vancouver, BC led to a fantastic opportunity, installation and ultimately happy customer who experienced a very positive and rewarding encounter with our SuperDeck system.

“I first heard about the SuperDecks when Mark dropped off a brochure at our site,” explained Darragh McAuliffe from the Maple Reinders’ Nationwide Boundary Project.

This particular build is a 4 level storage and car wash facility. It is a structural steel building with high floor to soffit height which required extra long shoring posts and U head jacks. Upon inspection by the Preston Rentals team, it was identified that SuperDecks would be a great solution for the site to improve their materials handling needs. To combat the structural steel build, a unique set-up was created with an additional support beam used to transfer the SuperDeck reaction loads back into the building structure. Whilst this made the install a slightly longer process, it delivered time and rental savings as the project did not have a personnel and materials hoist.


“Our experience with the SuperDecks was really good,” said Darragh. “Being able to place the decks for various floors all in one line vertically minimized the area of the envelope required to be left open. The retractable deck is an awesome feature and quick and easy to pull in and push out. The service from Preston Rentals was great – they were quick to deal with any issues over the phone or on site if necessary.”

A total of four (4) 3.2m SuperDecks were used for the Nationwide Boundary Project.

“I would definitely use the SuperDecks on another project and would recommend to others, especially on a concrete structure where the setup time is super quick. Overall the SuperDeck is a top class cantilever deck system” said Darragh. Music to our ears!

The team in Canada are always ready to introduce themselves, provide more information about our products and offer any suggestions on challenges or hurdles your unique site may have. Why not give the guys a call or invite them to pop by your site – they will be there in a flash!

For more information about Preston Rentals SuperDecks, please visit or call our friendly team on 604 817 3325.