Case Study



Every job we work on is a pleasure to be part of, especially when we know the long-term economic benefits that are likely to be gained at its completion. The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel has been a long anticipated and much needed addition for the city of Nanaimo, located on the beautiful East side of Vancouver Island. Once built, the complex is expected to boost the local economy by bringing much-needed hotel room space to this harbour city whilst also attracting larger conferences to the neighbouring conference centre.

Working with OMICRON, an industry leader and one of the largest integrated development, design and construction firms in Western Canada, Preston Rentals was approached to provide material handling solutions. The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel will become a nine-storey, 172-room hotel, thus the need for an efficient, safe and simple means for providing materials to each floor was required.

Our Preston Rental’s SuperDeck Retractable Loading Platforms was the answer!

What sets the SuperDeck apart from other loading bays is they can be stacked vertically, like a set of drawers, rather than being staggered all over the building. This system dramatically increases the efficiency of materials handling by minimizing hindrance to crane ropes, reduces crane movements and therefore saves time and money.

We chatted to Tyler Kovacsik, Senior Site Superintendent of OMICRON about his experience with Preston Rentals and using our SuperDeck system for The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel project.

How did you hear about the Preston Rentals SuperDecks?

I heard about you guys through LinkedIn. I noticed one of your posts and looked into the system.

We love getting this feedback! We regularly post on social media about the benefits and qualities of our products. If you want to follow the jobs we do and learn more about the SuperDeck System, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

How was your experience using the SuperDecks?

From start to conclusion the experience was fabulous. Simple, straight forward, and very user friendly. One of the worries I had was crew experience with thrust platforms in general, but with the SuperDecks; and your team coming to give us the first lesson, it was easy to use and the crew built their confidence for install and repositioning immediately.

How did your project benefit from using our Retractable Loading Platforms?

The biggest advantage and benefit is only having to leave one vertical tower open to the elements. With the ability to stack the Superdecks from floor to floor, it minimized our water infiltration and kept it localized to one area per floor. We picked the North West side of our building as the area to install the Superdecks on because they were the most weather protected.

This design feature was at the core of the innovation process when Preston designed the SuperDeck in the early 1990s. We recognised the huge benefit of being able to stack our platforms vertically above each other, allowing builders to streamline their build process whilst still getting materials to each floor. It is a win win for everyone!

How was the service from Preston Rentals?

Service was extraordinary. Mark and Peter both were a huge help whenever they were called upon. I never waited for a response from the team ever, and I always was made to feel like the priority. This led to even more comfortability with the product/service.

Great work team! We take enormous pride in delivering great service to our customers. This is who we are here for and no question is too hard. Our team have decades of experience and can provide a range of solutions or suggestions for challenging tasks. All you need to do is ask!

Would you use the Preston Rentals SuperDecks on another project?

Without a doubt, Yes.

Would you recommend using our SuperDecks to others?

Yes, and I already have.

This is music to our ears! Working with such a reputable and trusted company like OMICRON is a pleasure. To receive such positive feedback is very humbling. We look forward to working with you again and thank you for your trust and acknowledgement of the benefits the SuperDeck system can deliver.

If you would like more information about Preston Rentals or our SuperDeck system, visit our website at or call 604 817 3325 and we will gladly assist.