Case Study


At Preston Rentals we work hard to deliver both an excellent product and importantly an excellent experience! Our team are knowledgeable with extensive experience in the construction industry. When we engage with a new customer, we take the time to learn about their project, find out the challenges and provide custom solutions that will help them get the job done quickly, safely and with minimal disruption. Receiving great feedback is a real perk of our job, so we were thrilled to know Liberty Homes had a successful and enjoyable experience working with Preston Rentals.


Preston Rentals recently worked with Liberty Homes to help with the delivery of materials on their Crescent Court project. The site features low rise townhouses with two mid rise residential towers located at the top of Burnaby Mountain.


The major challenge was where to install the crane loading platforms on their building as there were limited feasible locations due to the location and spacing of the perimeter building columns. Safety and ease of use were crucial factors to consider to ensure the full benefits of the Preston Rentals loading platforms were able to be used.

Our Solution

The team created a solution with Liberty Homes to use 3.2m SUPERDECKS to straddle one of the perimeter building columns and allow the SuperDeck, due to its size, to still be efficient for loading materials onto and off the floors.

“Our site benefitted from the additional usable deck space the SuperDeck offers over the traditional outriggers we’ve used,” explained Derek Bloom of Liberty Homes. “The SuperDecks are easy to setup and move from floor to floor. The SuperDecks are a premium outrigger, which offer a lot of flexibility and usable deck space. I think these outriggers will become a staple on construction sites in the Lower Mainland” he said.


Receiving great feedback from our customers and knowing our product has genuinely provided benefits on a work site is why we are here. We love to discuss each individual site’s needs in detail to ensure we deliver the best solution. Derek Bloom spoke highly of the Preston Rental’s team saying “The service from Mark and the team at Preston Rentals was great.  Mark’s experience in the industry and willingness to help with our project’s specific needs was a great asset.  The product documentation and inspection paperwork was all sent over prior to me asking for it and all deliveries were well organized.”

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Liberty Homes!