Case Study



We regularly promote the versatility of our SuperDeck Retractable Loading platforms and have surprised many customers with their ability to be installed in reinforced concrete, mass timber or structural steel buildings. The simple, yet highly impactful design of this product allows for easy modifications pending your specific requirements. This is just another benefit of the SuperDeck.

Recently, the Preston Rentals Canada team took the SuperDeck’s versatility to a new level … installing a platform in a ship!

Seaspan ULC is currently working at the Vancouver Shipyard completing works on the bridge of one of the vessels in the Royal Canadian Navy. Seaspan were looking for a smart solution for getting materials into the shipbuilding process, so approached Preston Rentals in late 2021 for suggestions. The options available to them at the time were to use a purpose-built platform or a monorail for loads, transferring them using chain blocks. This was going to be both costly and inefficient.

The Preston Rentals team have years of experience and a deep understanding of materials handling practices in the construction industry. Using this knowledge, they worked with Seaspan ULC to provide a more efficient, economical, and safer solution to get materials into their ship during the shipbuilding process.

By using the ships structural beams, the team were able to install one of our 3.2m SuperDecks with U head screw jacks locking the SUPERDECK in position with a 5m (16 feet 4 inch) outboard landing area and a weight handling capacity of 3.2t (7054lbs). The rigging crew at Seaspan ULC were thrilled with the result and impressed at the safety our SuperDeck would provide the team. The ease of using the platform as required was even better!

The ship structure continues to power ahead with the height now at 32.2m above baseline. With only a couple of major block moves remaining this year, the ship will reach its full height in no time at all.

It is incredibly satisfying to know our equipment has played an important role in the build of this vessel, whilst also providing the Seaspan crew with a suitable solution for their needs. No matter what your building challenge may be, or if you need a solution for a crazy materials handling idea that you have, give the team at Preston Rentals Canada a call or visit for more details.