Case Study

Caliber Projects Latimer Heights


At the time of designing and developing our Preston Rentals SuperDeck, considerable time and thought was spent on the many ways we wanted our retractable loading platforms to add value to construction sites. They needed to be far more than just another means of handling materials, we wanted them to truly improve the construction process whilst keeping personnel safe and adding site efficiencies.

This innovation was launched more than two decades ago, yet the SuperDeck design continues to delight customers with the benefits delivered. We often summarise these benefits across 5 key areas:
1. Time Efficiencies
2. Highest Safety Standards
3. High Loading Capacity
4. Easy to Use
5. Top Customer Service

We recently had the privilege of working with Caliber Projects at their Latimer Heights project in Langley, B.C. After using our SuperDecks as part of the build, the project Manager provided a testimonial reflecting on how they utilized our outriggers and importantly the many benefits delivered as a result. We are incredibly grateful for this feedback and delighted the SuperDeck has delivered what we promised it would.

Don’t just take our word for it, read their comments below:

“I originally heard about the SuperDecks from Mark through a site visit. They seemed like a good fit for our Caliber Project. The experience with the SuperDecks was great. The decks had great loading capacity and could move floor to floor quickly. After the team had learned how to use them, the decks were a huge benefit. We were able to load large and heavy product ie curtainwall glazing panels, into the building with ease.
The service from Preston Rentals was top notch. Mark and Peter were super helpful to orientate our formwork team (riggers, operators, and deck installers) as well as our CSO to ensure the deck was used safely. Any questions we had about re-shoring, loading capacity etc were answered promptly.
We would gladly use SUPERDECKS on another project and would recommend them to others.”
– Joel Stobbe, Project Manager, Caliber Projects

For more information about Preston Rentals SuperDecks, please visit or call our friendly team on 604 817 3325.